3 Side Hustle Ideas to Build Up Some Serious Extra Cash

Woman freelance writing on computer at house

If you need a little, or even a lot of extra money to get the bills paid and to even start really tackling your debt, a side hustle is a perfect way to do this. Fortunately, there are many side hustles you can try these days, and they are surprisingly easy to get going. The best approach for you will depend on what skills you have, what you want to do, and what kind of schedule you need to work around.

Write Articles About Virtually Anything

Article writing is great for those who only have a little extra time here or there throughout the week. You can spend a few minutes whenever you get them to write articles. There are many sites online, like Textbroker, which will let you sign up and write about casinos, vacuum cleaners, and a hundred other things for cash.

You can also just go it alone by finding clients that might need content. If you know anyone who has a business online, then there's a good chance they need articles to market and sell their product or service. All you have to do is send them an email asking if you could help. Then, just like that, you've got a writing hustle going.

Find Stuff to Sell

If you have a lot of extra stuff lying around your home already, then you're starting off ahead of the game for starting an e-business. You can sign up with eBay or Amazon in order to sell what you have. Don't just assume that an item you have won't sell online. Look it up first to make sure it won't. You may not make a huge amount on it, but you could get a couple of bucks or maybe even more. You'd be surprised what people buy, honestly. Chances are good that you could use that money more than you need whatever extra stuff you have in your basement. You were probably going to throw it away anyway.

Getting started with selling online can be a bit intimidating, but if you get through signing up and listing your first item, you will feel amazing, and you'll feel even better after you get your first sale. All you have to do is sign up, set up your payment options, list items, and send them out when they sell. Most platforms, such as eBay, make it easy to buy the postage you need. Then, you just pack everything up and drop it off at the post office.

After you run out of stuff to sell in your house, it will be time to look elsewhere. However, you'd again be surprised how easy it is to find more stuff. Your friends and family are likely throwing out something all the time. Plus, there are often yard sales where people may be selling valuable stuff for cheap.

You can also find items at Walmart and other such stores that are 80% off or more, and you can flip those for cash too. The key is to sell extra stuff lying around first, and then use that money to buy more cheap stuff to sell. This way, you don't end up with any extra debt, and you'll be paying it off instead.

Transcribe Audio and Other Possibilities

If you're a skilled listener, and you have typing skills, you could also get into transcription, which is the art of writing down accurate records from audio recordings. It will take a little while to get good at this, even if you have the skill, but the good news is that you can find companies like Rev where you can sign up right away. A big bonus in this industry is if you have some special knowledge, like legal or medical skills. You will make exponentially more money this way.

Overall, it will only take a minute or two to get started on creating your side hustle, and starting is always the hardest part. From there, you'll be making money in no time.